Thursday, January 15, 2009

Such An Eventful Day

Ok, so today was somewhat shitty, but at least it gave me a good amount to do for the day (trying to be positive).

So today was the first day of classes at good 'ol fun college. Of course I start the semester with my oh so favorite subject - English (sarcasm). Well, as if the thought of 3 hours of sitting in an English class every Thursday (4:00pm-6:50pm), what better to drive all that way during rush hour (30-40 minute drive as opposed to 15-20 not during rush hour) and arrive to a class where the professor doesn't show up?! Let me know when you think of something that tops that. So after sitting there with all the other disgruntled students until 4:30pm, finally someone walks in to give us an update (one student had gone to the secretary and complained ten minutes prior). So the secretary walks in "Ok, so we don't know where he is [the professor] and we can't get a hold of him, he isn't answering his phone. Technically after 20 minutes of a professor not showing up, you are all free to leave." Of course this is announced 30 minutes after the "start" of class!

So after my lovely half hour of sitting in a class full of bitchy and pissed off students I head over to the book center on campus to purchase my second required text for History (it was only $13 for a used copy! Cheapest college book ever!!!! Plus tax of course.) I happened to not have cash on me and as usual, the parent(s) pay for tuition and books. I had my dad's credit card number memorized along with the expiration date... Well, almost... The second set of 4 numbers I had totally forgotten... Let's add some more luck to that mix. My dad wasn't answering his cell phone and had left his office. Joy! So, I decided to drive my ass ALL THE WAY back home (during rush hour mind you in which the population of cars on the road most likely easily exceeds the population of BFF Karen's Podunk, Iowa town) to pick up my old math book from last semester and drive ALL THE WAY back (still rush hour!) to sell it back and use the money from that to buy my history book. Well, I get home, get the book, and begin heading back to campus. 1/4 back my dad finally calls me back to tell me the credit card number... After all that driving... At this point I felt like dying. I hadn't eaten since 11am (it was now 5:20pm) and I was beginning to get the whole sickly wanna puke feeling, stomach eating itself, dizzy, light headed, etc. Bad combo when you're driving all over the damn county (well, 3 cities). Luckily upon getting into the car to drive home earlier I had called my cousin who works at Round Table Pizza and ordered a pizza. So on my second drive home I picked up some dinner, got home, and wolfed down 3 slices and a soda. Actually I think I'm gonna finish my last three slices and grab a Pepsi after posting this...

So during this little journey, when I started out on my first journey home, I needed someone to bitch and vent to since I was a bit fuming. My boyfriend, Ian, was in class, so I couldn't call him. BFF Karen was too busy being all wet and naked at water aerobics to answer her phone, so she was unable to accommodate too. And another friend of mine who is a good go to person to vent was in the car with her boyfriend and couldn't talk. So I was left to fume without a venter... I think that's a word. If not, it is now.

In all, the first day of the semester proved to be an awesome day...